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Shopping for a mortgage can be an intimidating task. There are thousands of mortgage lenders and hundreds of ways lenders can tweak any loan.  When you are facing the excitement of buying a new home or investment and you may feel vulnerable as each lender will pull your credit report and actual lower you credit rating.  It’s understandable that many home buyers get stuck with bad mortgages because they just wanted to get the process over with. Unfortunately, that’s no small mistake: On a 30-year mortgage, fractions of a rate point can add up to tens of thousands of dollars

Experience counts and Vince Orlando offers 12 years of experienced in the mortgage business and 16 years as a real estate professional and as a home owner and real estate investor.  Proceeding to real estate Vince has held positions in the leadership in the engineering field and in his church.  With his experience and background he can professionally advise you on your investment in a home or business.  He is up to date on the industry by being a Member of NAR, TRA and HAR.

Having a list of banks and mortgage companies Vince Orlando and his team will work for you as if it was their own investment.  They will shop for you the best company, terms and the best interest rate and only run your credit one time.  If you have credit issues they can advise you how to get the issues corrected to raise you credit scores. 

Reverse Mortgage

If you are over 62 it is possible for homeowners to have a mortgage that is optional to pay each month. You will find that a reverse mortgage is a great way for them to take advantage of the equity they have built up in their homes.

Vince Orlando can advise if a reverse mortgage is suitable for your situation.  It is different than a traditional mortgage. With a traditional mortgage you make monthly mortgage payments, but with a reverse mortgage you still own and have control.  You have the mortgage with the lender and have several options.

1.   You can draw money from the lenders through monthly installments or a one-time lump sum payment.
2.   You can take a lump sum of cash to invest in a beach home or second home and have no payment or you can make a payment each month.
3.   You can take a lump sum of cash to modernize your current home and have no payment or you can make a payment each month.

This is a great way to use your home equity to live better or invest with no payment required each month.  Many homes will increase in value and can offset the interest on the principal and cover the occurred interest. You have the option to sell the home anytime pay off the mortgage if you want; it is your mortgage and still own the home.

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At Western Mortgage, our mission is to set a high standard in the mortgage industry. We are committed to quality customer service - putting the people we serve first. Our goal is to carefully guide you through the home loan process, so that you can confidently select the best mortgage for you and your family from the many mortgage options that are available today. After you select the loan that is best for you, we will work continuously on your behalf to help you achieve your dream of homeownership.

Vince Orlando

Vince Orlando
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